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Transform Device Data Into Actionable Insights

CrateOM enables digitalization of operational processes


Our Early Adopter Program allows companies to benefit from CrateOM today

Customer Story

Learn how ALPLA, a global leader in innovative packaging solutions and manufacturing, has adopted CrateOM in 20 international plants, as part of its Smart Production Program


CrateOM enables seamless process communication between device sensors and staff to enable real time interaction, improve resource efficiency, decrease waste, and enhance operational performance   



Stay on top of access rights with user-friendly role definitions to ensures maximum control and help teams quickly resolve issues.



Create customized alerting flows with flexible rules, notes, instructions and escalations to cover all use cases and team set-ups.


Device Integration

Seamlessly connect your workforce, with sensor and process data, ingest several data types from different sources.


Mobile App

Resolve factory floor issues instantly with real-time alerts, custom instructions and centralized announcements.


Production environments have a complex combination of different systems, devices and staff, all reliant on each other. A hold-up at any point of the process has a substantial knock-on effects down the line.


Maximize production efficiency

Monitor multiple production processes in real-time and react instantly in case of errors.


Digitalize operational processes

Trigger direct notes from machine sensor data to personnel including customizable step-by-step instructions.


Create transparency across production

Ensure consistent tracking of device status and analyze production data in the cloud.


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Use Case

ALPLA is a world leader in the area of plastic packaging solutions, producing high-quality packaging e.g. for Coca-Cola, Unilever and other brands in food & beverages, cosmetics and cleaning supplies industries. As part of its Smart Production initiative, CrateOM has been deployed across 20 international plants.

The deployment of CrateOM as part of the ALPLA Smart Production program aims to: 

  • improve processing efficiency
  • reduce time to resolution
  • avoid waste
  • enable process status transparency
  • prevent risks 

"We introduced CrateOM because the system holds great potential for us around process monitoring and process flow digitalization. The system has a high level of scalability and it allows us to work with the learnings that the process has discovered to improve operational processes over time."

Philipp Lehner, CEO

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